Intelek Technologies strives to provide superior customer service to some of the nation’s leading transportation companies. Scroll down to see what they have to say about Intelek Technologies and our products and services


Kenny with Skyline Transportation talks about Intelek

Mike with Long Haul Trucking discusses Intelek


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“I don’t think I’ve said it lately, but thank you very much for everything you do for us. Your urgency on our accounts is greatly appreciated. I know I sometimes pile additions and changes on pretty fast but you always seem to take it on and impress us with your speedy progress. As with most everyone I have worked with at Intelek, we get the results we need and it makes our business more productive. Thanks again.”

Tracey Dover
Navajo Express, Inc.

“We are moving full steam ahead with DiamondMine EDI ; The people seem to be on the ball. This software, and especially the people, allow us to abstract ourselves away from the EDI technicalities – we can concentrate on business at hand and let the people at DiamondMine concentrate on the technical aspects of EDI. We don’t have to employ an army of EDI specialists or even a single individual to maintain our EDI processes. We are about to reap some real cost benefits from using DiamondMine and their EDI services.”

Chris Dolese
Landair Transport, Inc

“I do oversee EDI and have a hand in seeing to it that our customers are being taken care of, but I rely heavily on [Intelek] to make sure that setups are taking place and to fix problems that arise. The beauty of your service is that we don’t have to have that expertise in-house.”

Randy Rhines
Melton Truck Lines, Inc.

“We have been using DiamondMine EDI from Intelek Technologies for several years. With the increase in trading partners that we have experienced in the past 12 months it is comforting to know that we can rely on the expertise and knowledge provided by Intelek to handle the set up and mapping requirements specific to each of those partners. The customer service and technical support is superb. Answers to our inquiries and requests for new maps have always been answered and results produced quickly and efficiently. As long as our customers have EDI requirements, we will be relying on DiamondMine EDI for our EDI needs.”

Colleen Niederhauser
I.T. Manager
Decker Truck Lines, Inc.

“DiamondMine EDI Translation & Communication Software”DiamondMine EDI has been a rock solid product for us. Besides the painless setup, the thing I am most impressed with is the quick response time for service related issues. New maps and changes are normally made within a day. Thanks to DiamondMine, EDI is something that we can quickly and easily implement for our customers.”

Mike Averill
IT Manager
Danny Herman Trucking, Inc.

“The DiamondMine EDI product from Intelek Technologies, has integrated seamlessly with both our AS400 environment and Innovative software to provide a reliable, yet affordable solution for our EDI needs. Intelek has always provided almost “same day” set up service with new accounts, not to mention extremely fast problem resolution, the few times it has been requested. Intelek has given us solutions, not “finger pointing.” We would not consider switching from DiamondMine EDI, and highly recommend it for your EDI needs.”

Bob Owens
Manager of Information Systems
Nationwide Express, Inc.

“Making sure that your company is staying on track with all the new technology is a full time job for any manager. DiamondMine EDI is great to work with because they make it so simple for us. One call or email is usually all it ever takes to get a new customer up and running, which is a must in this hectic industry.”

Ramsey Hassan
Chief Financial Officer
Venture Express, Inc.

“Intelek has been an instrumental piece to the EDI puzzle that more and more customers are now mandating. With on simple call to Intelek, we can have an EDI customer ready to test same day and in production the next. Using Intelek’s DiamondMine EDI solution was a no-brainer.”

Matt Braslavsky
Director of Information Technology
CalArk International

“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I value your product. Since we purchased DiamondMine EDI, I no longer have the hassle and worry of creating a new map every time we add a new trading partner. I just send off an email and within a matter of hours the new map is installed on my system ready to use. In addition, I am so pleased with the timely response I get to all of my customer service requests. I can’t think of a single business partner who provides better customer service than I receive from Intelek. DiamondMine EDI is one “Value Added” product & service that I can say truly earns the title ‘Value Added.'”

Verna Gebhardt
Sr. Programmer/Analyst & EDI Specialist
Grojean Transportation, Inc.

“DiamondMine EDI has taken the headaches out of our EDI. Their responsiveness is excellent and their turnaround on maps is outstanding. EDI has moved from a costly endeavor to a strong sales tool and value adds for our organization. Selecting to partner with DiamondMine EDI was one of the best IT decisions we have made in the past 12 months.”

Kent Hubin
VP-IT & Pricing
Roberson Transportation

“DiamondMine EDI is the greatest thing to happen to EDI in my opinion. They respond to my emails very quickly. I will send them an email for a new map & within that same day they respond. What more can you ask for?”

Julie Hall
IT Department
Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation

“We have been doing business with Intelek for a number of years and we have found outstanding service and products in regards to our software needs. We will continue to do business with Intelek because of their professionalism and quality service.”

Richard Powell
Director of Sales/Marketing Worldwide
Austins Express, Inc.

“Intelek helped me forget about the hassle of EDI mapping and setups. By simply forwarding our customer’s mapping documents to an Intelek service technician, they handle everything from A to Z, which includes mapping, setups, testing, and transmissions. Intelek’s programs work flawlessly and we never have to monitor the system to make sure EDI transactions are being transmitted when expected. The Intelek staff members are very knowledgeable, pleasant to work with and respond quickly to requests. I can’t imagine going back to handling EDI issues in- house.”

Randy Rhines
Melton Truck Lines, Inc.

“Simply put, DiamondMine does a great job for us. When we have an issue, question or even a modification request, they usually respond within minutes and our issue is usually resolved that same day! It is a great selling tool for us to be able to tell a new shipper that you can have EDI up and ready to go tomorrow!”

Mary Gramly
Western Express, Inc.