Intelek OnSpot is a spot freight consolidator that can revolutionize your business. If your brokerage business is like most, the stress of daily operations and the complexity of maneuvering in the evolving spot market can stretch your resources thin. Intelek Technologies can help. OnSpot leverages our universal translation technology to gather spot freight from a variety of sources and allows you to manage it easily in real-time. With OnSpot’s centralized web interface, you can respond quickly to accept, reject, or bid on spot loads you want. Let OnSpot help you capture more of the freight you want, and generate more revenue.

Use Intelek OnSpot to handle more spots, work with more partners and make more money. Leverage OnSpot to grow your market share and simplify spot freight management.

What does OnSpot do?
OnSpot’s unique “Connectors” automatically translate structured data and consolidate incoming incoming spot tenders into a unified, easy to use interface. Connectors can be configured to collect, post, or verify any aspect of spot load information. Using your business rules, your agents can easily search through hundreds of spot loads to identify the freight that you want, and quickly accept, reject, or bid on spot freight from a variety of sources in real time. OnSpot automatically purges stale data, allowing you to focus on the freshest opportunities.

How can OnSpot help me?
The primary value of OnSpot is process automation. Spot freight can be handled in bulk with a single click. By indexing the spot freight by your key metrics, you can quickly filter and find the most valuable spots. Spend less time checking emails and websites, and more time booking freight. In addition to gathering spot freight, OnSpot’s Connectors can reply via email, post to a website, send EDI to an LMS or TMS, or any other operation that your business requires. OnSpot allows you to handle spot freight more efficiently, without additional staff.  Be sure to download our OnSpot Data Sheet for more information.

OnSpot Case Studies
Case Study #1 – Email.
Multiple shippers are sending spots tenders via email, and filtering thru the emails is a daily challenge. You frequently miss spot opportunities due to the overwhelming number of loads available. Your carriers are asking for freight in specific lanes, and you can only remember the last 30 spots that you have reviewed. You spend as much time purging expired spots as you do booking them. By using Intelek OnSpot, you can funnel all of that spot freight to a single pane of glass. This one location contains all of the spots from all of your shipper customers for your review. Now you can easily identify all the spot freight your carriers want because  you can quickly index all of your spots by origin, destination, shipper, or revenue. Once a spot is accepted, OnSpot can perform any number of automated actions depending on your needs. You no longer need to call, cut and paste emails, or verify websites. One click and you’re done. OnSpot automates sending an email to a shipper with acceptance information, passing the load data off to your LMS or TMS via EDI, or any other operation you require. The flexible nature of OnSpot’s Connectors allows you to automate all your spot operations.

Case Study #2 – Websites.
Your agents are responsible for monitoring several websites to find, accept, and bid on spot loads. Missing offers is a regular occurrence in your business and maintaining visibility on all your opportunities is almost impossible for one person. Intelek OnSpot can interface with each website directly – via an API or custom integration – and pull data from multiple websites to present all your potential spots on a unified interface. OnSpot’s Connectors monitor websites in real time so your team doesn’t have to. You can easily search for spot loads to find the best freight and use OnSpot’s web interface to accept or bid on loads. When you bid on spot loads, OnSpot’s Connectors will continuously check the websites for the status of the bid and alert you when it has been lost or won. OnSpot automates whatever responses you need, from returning to the website to confirm acceptance of the bid, to sending an email, to issuing EDI data. OnSpot Connectors are powerful tools that can help you take advantage of process automation and data integration to capture more and better freight.

Case Study #3 – Data Handling. 
You need to perform a number of actions post spot freight acceptance. You need to send an email to your carrier customer with the freight information, issue an EDI load tender (204) to your TMS/LMS for easier freight management, and compile a spreadsheet to send back to the shipper customer. Previously this task took an excessive amount of time and effort to get all of the data to partners, and into your TMS/LMS. Not anymore, by harnessing the power of OnSpot’s connectors you can turn this detailed and labor intensive process into a single click. Move beyond writing spot information on post-it notes, having confusing or misunderstood phone calls, and transposing information as  you re-type it on load-boards or in your TMS/LMS. Put OnSpot’s process automation to work for you to ensure better shipper/carrier partner communication, and data integration.


Be sure to download our OnSpot Data Sheet for more information.

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