Intelek EDI Transportation Suite (or IETS) is a cloud data translator that integrates with your TMS Dispatch Software. IETS supports all EDI formats and standards. Additionally, IETS B2B Data Translation features function as a “Anything-to-Anything Data Translator”, built specifically for the transportation industry. Its unique engine allows it to collect, post, or verify any kind of data. The primary value message of IETS is process automation.

What is “B2B Data Translation?”
In a nutshell: anything to anything data translation. From API to XML and everything in between, IETS gives you flexibility to exchange data in a variety of formats. We can help you bridge the gap between incompatible environments so you can streamline and automate your interaction with business partners.

How can this help my company?
IETS is completely cloud based, with no additional hardware purchases necessary. This can allow you to accept and send EDI transactions and use communications protocols (AS2) that your TMS might not support. IETS is a managed solution, allowing you to focus on your business, while we focus on your data. Another value of IETS is process automation. IETS can take the time and risk out of manual transactions by eliminating the possibility of human typing errors or omissions. This also helps to improve shipper “scorecarding”. The improved productivity of 24/7 automated operations will allow you to assign your CSR’s to more critical, value added tasks, allowing your business to become more productive and compliant without additional staff.

IETS Use Case Studies
Case Study #1.
Your company is emailed a spreadsheet of loads each Monday morning with all of the loads for a specific shipper for the following week. Now one of your CSRs must check email, download the attached spreadsheet, and key all of the information into dispatch. Depending on workload, this may take a day to a day and a half. Trying to spread the workload to multiple CSRs leads to additional errors and confusion. If the key CSR is out, it means increased workload for other staff and possible lost loads. IETS turns this spreadsheet into loads that are ready for dispatch and routing first thing Monday morning, no CSR involvement required. 

Case Study #2.
You are already doing EDI with a customer, but they have added a new requirement to interface with a 3rd party track and trace provider to monitor freight movement. You have the choice of giving a 3rd party full access to your mobile comms or using an API interface. The first option raises privacy concerns for drivers and other customers, and the second seems overwhelming and expensive to implement. IETS can help manage changing business requirements easily and with little cost. We can take EDI from your existing data stream and use that to interface directly with the track and trace provider’s API. Without changing any of your current business processes, IETS can help get you in compliance quickly and efficiently.

Case Study #3.
You are a division of, or sister-company to a larger company that uses a non-transportation ERP (like SAP, or something equally as ugly), and the trucking division (that’s you) needs to get data (loads, status updates, and intra-company billing) to and from your TMS Dispatch. Take the previous two examples and multiply the time and effort by ten. IETS is the easy to implement, low cost solution that will allow that data to flow back and forth from your TMS to the parent company ERP, with no manual data manipulation. This is a complete process automation domination!

IETS Features

  • Cloud Based. No new hardware to purchase, or staff to train. Everything runs in our secure environment. We provide consistent, monitored hosting, so that no additional computing resources or expertise is needed.
  • Choice of Communication Protocols. Our flexible software solution can be used with any communication method: FTP, Secure FTP, AS2, SSH, FTPS or your existing Multi-VAN services.
  • Flat Fee is the Way to Be. IETS EDI has no per transaction or per-use fees. Your costs are known and do not increase based on volume.
  • Extensive Trading Partner Relationships. With IETS, onboarding new trading partners is simple. We have relationships with shippers that enable us to expedite your setups when necessary.
  • Expert EDI Services. Process and dispatch loads with ease. We understand EDI, so you don’t have to.
  • B2B Integration. We can make your data integration headaches disappear. Eliminating manual data entry with process automation helps your business do more with less.


Download our IETS Data Sheet for more information.
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