The Intelek EDI Transportation Suite (IETS) is a cloud data translator that integrates with your TMS Dispatch Software.  IETS supports all EDI formats and standards. Additionally, IETS B2B Data Translation features function as a “Anything-to-Anything Data Translator”, built specifically for the transportation industry. Its unique engine allows it to collect, post, or verify any kind of data.  Web data, email, PDF, spreadsheets, API, XML, etc. can be converted into EDI, or any other required format.  IETS can then deliver the data to the carrier or shipper in the required format, via any communication protocol.  Click here to find out more.



Intelek OnSpot is a spot freight consolidator that can revolutionize your business.  OnSpot will allow your logistics or brokerage business to gather spot freight from a variety of sources and manage them in a centralized web interface.  A variety of operations can be performed based on spot acceptance, rejection or bid.  The spot market is a dynamic, changing environment and OnSpot will allow you to manage this in real time.  No more checking and filtering email or websites for the spot freight you want because OnSpot handles that for you.  Click here to find out more.


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DiamondMine EDI TurnKey is a great solution for existing DiamondMine EDI customers.  Since 1996, DiamondMine EDI has been powering EDI for hundreds of transportation companies.  With nearly a ten thousand maps in production, and score of supported EDI transactions, we have moved just about every type of EDI data a transportation company will ever see or need.  While we have built IETS on this well established lineage, we wanted to offer a similar flat rate solution to our existing DiamondMine customers.  Click here to find out more.